Board Member Openings


Currently (as of July 31, 2023), we do not have any openings on our Board.

The Hercules Library Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation,  was established in 2004 to provide for the initial construction of the Library. Today, the mission of our volunteer group is to solicit and manage contributions to supplement public funding with the goal of ensuring that the Hercules Public Library continues to provide outstanding free and convenient services for our community. The Foundation meets as needed at the Hercules Library.  Currently, at 10 members, we have no openings. 

Duties of a Foundation member include: 

  • Work with Hercules Public Library staff to coordinate the Foundation’s mission and goals with the Library’s purpose, activities and events
  • Attend meetings to discuss matters pertaining to Library fundraising and operations
  • Plan and assist with fundraising activities and events
  • Network with businesses, citizens and other potential donors that could support the Library
  • Participate in drafting and submitting grants to support the Library
  • Interact with other groups that support the Library’s missions, such as the Friends of the Hercules Library, Library volunteers and the City of Hercules staff
  • Attend conferences as needed related to Library fundraising and supporting the mission of the Library in general

Thank you, 
The Hercules Community Library Foundation Board of Directors